On the 28th of February year of the Lord 1975 a boy first saw lamplight in Akershus Central Hospital in the Norwegian municipality of Lørenskog. His parents Odd and Gjertrud (m.n. Høysæter) Tuftin decided that he should be called Bjørnar.
The first six years of his life they lived at Marcus Thranesvei 12 A and his best friends were Hanne, Geir, Stian and Jacob. His first love, Hanne, is the reason for Bjørnar's liking for salami.
In 1977 on the sixth of the sixht he got a little brother, Magnus, who could be a pest sometimes, demanding to be the first out of the car, the first to fall asleep in the evening etc.
When his mother went back to work he had to spend his day in daycare at "Hestehoven". Or Hell as it will be called in the rest of this text. Here he was denied the right to chew with his mouth open, forced to take a nap in the middle of the day, and on one occation his hair was set on fire.
In 1981 when they were planning on moving, his second brother, Eirik, arrived. He was quite cute at first, but grew up to become a pest, some of the time anyway.:)
Then they moved to Østmodum and rural Norway. Bjørnar already had a close friend here because they moved to Tangerud, his Uncle's farm, where they had visited often before. Now he and Kjetil (the nextdoor neighbour, nextdoor being 1km away) became unseparable, almost.
Having reached the amazing age of six, he was sendt to the "Sixyearsold club" three times a week to prepare for school. This was quite fun except for: Then the great day arrived, the First Day of School.(Sometime in August 1982). A proud seven-year-old starts his work at "Vikersund Barneskole". He feels great. These are the best years of his life. Well looking back one can find some bad moments, but..

Bad moments
expressing his love for one girl after the other without response
writing a girl's name on his leg with a ballpoint and not washing it of before PE
trying to strangle Hans-Petter and beeing scared of letting go (mess with my friends and you mess with me)
trying to strangle Martin (mess with my friends, etc. )

Well, all in all these where happy years for Bjørnar. He didn't do more schoolwork than absolutely necessary, and had fun.
Then came the horrible day. Six years at "Barneskolen" were over and the hard reality of "Nordre Modum Ungdomsskole" slammed down on the poor boy. Here it was not a good thing to be smart. (Except that you had less homework.) There were several "Geithusinger" in the class and since Geithus is know to have the lowest average IQ in the world (this statement has little or no basis in reality, it's just the impression one gets from going to school with mean gits) they struck quick and hard against every sight of intelligence other than their own narrow kind. That eventually caused Bjørnar to automatically taking defencive measures when somebody moved their arms in the same room as him.
Due to the fact that the only other Bjørnars in school were placed in this class also (Olsen and Brenna, both Geithusinger), Bjørnar became Tuftin.
Besides being hit once in a while Bjørnar experienced being thrown out of windows five times during the last winter at NMU. Getting his final grades and leaving NMU was a relief.
Then he was ready for another three years of school, this time the place was "Rosthaug Videregående skole". The first shock was the new experience of getting up at six in the morning. In the beginning there was no problems since his old fashioned alarm clock created a change in his biological equivalent. The shock of hearing the alarm was prevented by always waking up five minutes before it went off.
Having sailed through 9 years of schooling doing little or no homework, Bjørnar was ill prepared to do more during the three years of "Videregående" (Senior High), so he didn't. Being the bookish type he managed fairly well nevertheless and managed to get admitted to The Norwegian Institute of Technology. And after four and a half years he graduated from The Norwegian University of Technology and Science. With a sivil ingeniør degree in telematics. After a year in the Norwegian Airforce to fulfill his constitutional obligations he started working for Telenor late in 1999.
After almost five years sharing a two-bedroom apartment with gloriously low rent with Psych. student (and psycho) Bård he had saved up enough to affort buying his own place. A large one bedroom apartment with, for the first couple of weeks at least, pink walls.
In the myopic world of the corporation short term profit rules all, and halfway through 2005 Telenor offered Bjørnar a Severance package if he'd quit "voluntarily". Fairly fed up with his job already Bjørnar grabbed the package with both hands and ran. Then he vegetated for a few months before starting a program in pedagogics at University in January 2006. After graduating as a qualified teacher in December 2006 he got his first couple of part time teaching jobs early in 2007.
He is still searching for the meaning of Life.
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