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Unarmed and harmless, if spotted contact "The funnyfarm" on 1-800-LOOSE-NUT.

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Geek code v3.12
Warning! My code is wildly out of date and it's unlikely it'll ever be updated.

Hard facts
Information labelactual informationsilly comments
GenusHomo SapiensI'm unique, but I look like a Homo Sapiens
SexmaleYes please
Height186cm (6' 1")I reach the ground
Weight59kg (130 lb)Skin and bones
Chest (with air)85.4cm (33.6 inches)That's without a bra, in case you wondered
Waist (gut sucked in)63.7cm (25.1 inches)I haven't got much gut, but I'd die with pants that tight
Hips, ass, sort of89.2 cm (35.1 inches)Let's not discuss this part
Neck36.5cm (14.4 inches)I don't like ties
Head59.6cm (23,5 inches)I'm thick headed
Armspan175cm (5' 9")I can fly, I can fly, I can... bonk.
Arm64cm (25 inches)I've never really considered wearing armlength gloves but..
Middle finger8cm (pi inches)*Short, I know, but slim
Width of hand8cm (pi inches)*Amazing, not significant though
Length of Hand18cm (7 inches)Make me some gloves, ok?
Length of thumb5.5cm (2.2 inches)Enough about the hand already!
Leg88cm (34 inches)Crotch to heel, in case you wanna buy me stockings
Foot, heel to toe26cm (10 inches)See? I didn't step in your flowers
Foot across9cm (3.5 inches)Well I guess you know more than you need now
Haircolourdark blondNo comment
Eyecolourgreygreenishor something
Vision (left eye)-5.00Nearly Blind
Vision (right eye)-2.50Halfway to Nearly Blind
Date of Birth1975.02.2826163
Place of BirthLørenskogat the hospital
OccupationTeacher (High school math and science)A shout-out to 10B (06/07)
AddressØygardveien 80A, 1357 BekkestuaMine, just mine!

*(In case you are a bible fanatic: pi = 3.1415.. not "5"! (Three sir!))

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