Friends' homepages

This page was in need of updating, so I updated it (35433).
This page has suffered so much link rot I just got rid of most of the links. The rest of the information is left as a testament of times gone by (37833).
If you feel your page should have been here, send me an email with the address, and the reason why you should be on the list.
Good reasons could be:
I've done away with most of the daft descriptions I used to put on everyone. I think it's only fair to warn you though, you might find loonier homepages than mine out there.
WSGumbyReal name: Nick Quintyne. MPFT admin.
RabbitReal name: Lianne Sy. MPFT admin.
SpamFreakReal name: Rebbecah. MPFT resident. Thanks for helping me with my speling.
SnickersReal name: Nancy. MPFT Peon.
BrunhildeReal name: Rachel. MPFT resident
MissCreantReal name: Molly. MPFT ASU.
ZootReal name: Lori Wendt. MPFT ASU. She said she'd let me marry her daughter.. when she grows up. You probly shouldn't tell her daughter though.
ColoonyReal name: Colin. MPFT ASU.
OzymandiasMPFT ASU

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