Bible criticism?

I've read the bible, not because I thought it was necessary for my soul, since I don't belive in souls, but because I wanted to put it on my booklist. This page is dedicated to show off the passages that I feel should be noticed, laughed at or removed from the good book. If anyone feel offended, sorry it was sort of intentional. :->
To get the whole text, this place is good: Bible Gateway.
If you haven't had enough bible criticism, go here.

Gen. 19:8Nasty business this one
Gen. 19:30-38Lot and his daughters again, I like this part much better. :)
Gen. 12:11-..Abraham lies about his wife
Gen. 20:2 -..Abraham lies again
Gen. 26:7 -..Isaac does the same
Gen. 20:12Ok, Abraham didn't really lie, since she's his half sister.
Gen. 25:27Amusing, "plain man, dwelling in tents."
Gen. 29-30Jacob, Rachel and Leah.. this is a intriguing story
Gen. 32:32Silly gits
Gen. 34Way to go Simeon, way to go Levi
Gen. 35:22And..? Oh.. Gen. 35:25, well no reason to be so melodramatic
Gen. 38Judah, Onan and Tamar, another intriguing story
Exo. 6:20Moses' father was married to his own aunt -> Lev. 18
Exo. 7:3-4Now isn't that a bit mean, running both sides like that?
Exo. 7:11How to make snakes of sticks
Exo. 7:20-22The seven plagues and stuff - water to blood
Exo. 8:5-7- frogs
Exo. 8:16-19- gnats
Exo. 8:21- flies
Exo. 9:6- cattle death
Exo. 9:8-11- festering boils
Exo. 9:somewhere- hail
Exo. 10:4- locusts
Exo. 12:37Just in case you didn't know it 600,000 men ran away from Egypt
Exo. 17:11-12Hands up!
Exo. 21Laws and stuff, now don't compare too much, or you might start to wonder
Exo. 21:23-24Eye for an eye etc.
Exo. 22More laws
Exo. 22:19Stay away from the horses
Exo. 32:14God has a change of heart
Lev. 11:13-19Evidently bats are birds
Lev. 18Laws about sex, amusing stuff
Lev. 19.18Now why do I feel like this goes against some other stuff?
Lev. 20Sin and punishment, amusing chapter once again
Lev. 20:18Compare this to Lev. 15:24
Lev. 21:9Priestdaughters, be careful
Lev. 21:13Only the best for the high priest
Num. 5:11-..The law of jealousy and stuff
Num. 6:24-26The Lord's Blessing
Num. 14:12-..There we go, mighty Lord.. what happened to the feelings in Exo. 32:14?
Num. 15:41Are you _really_ sure?
Num. 16Oooh, though guy
Deut. 13:14-15God's a hard guy
Deut. 14:12-18As said earlier, Bats are not birds!
Deut. 15:1-11Sensible stuff
Deut. 17:17And did they follow these rules?
Deut. 19:21Eye for an eye again
Deut. 21:18-21Ok, don't show your parents this
Deut. 22Now these rules are amusing, very amusing
Deut. 25:4Another amusing rule
Jud. 3:1-2Yeah, right!
Jud. 11:34-..Jephthah and his daughter, horrible story
Jud. 19:24Very.. saintly behaviour. Compare with Gen. 19:8
Jud. 19:25-..See what I mean?
Jud. 21Now this all makes "perfect" sense
1 Sam. 16-17Now these two versions don't match
2 Sam. 20:3David locks up 10 of his wives for life, now isn't that a bit harsh?
2 Sam. 20:9-10Now this is my favourite verse, all blood and gore
2 Sam. 21:18-22This is what is called a big family
2. Kings 2:23-24Don't tease the prophet, kids, or god will send bears to maul you
2. KingsOne of the real bad guys here
1. Chron. 2:4Judah's children by Tamar
1. Chron. 10:2+6Jonathan dies, and Sauls whole house dies with him.. now that doesn't fit the rest.. I think
2. Chron. 4:2Ah so π is 3
2. Chron. 9:13666! Cool
2. Chron. 21:20Passed away to no one's regret.. Funny.
2. Chron. 25:12Ah, interesting
Ezra 10:9"Oh, d*mn, it's raining." "Shut up, bignose!"
Ezra 10:44Ah, how nice to mention those
Neh 13:14Repeated several times in Nehemia, interesting that.
JobNow, isn't that a bit too mean?
Prov. 10:4Compare this to Proverbs 10:22, isn't that a contradiction?
Pro. 11:22Great proverb, also read 15:17, 19:18, 20:18 and 21:19
In Joseph Heller's "God knows" King David claims Solomon merely wrote down everthing he heard that sounded wise. I think he's right.
Ecc. 3:19Everything is meaningless.. for the umphteenth time in Ecclesiastes
Ecc. 9:4Run away, so you can run away some other day
SoS 2:2"Like a lily among thorns..."
Ies. 7:14A footnote in the Norwegian bible says that the word is translated "young woman" in the rest of the bible
Ies. 23:17Amusing
Jer. 3:6-10Interesting image, and often used
Eze. 3:3Funny, at least out of context
Dan. 2:20-23Nice little poem there
Micah 6:8Good advice there
Matt. 1:3 and 6Jesus is decended from these pervs?
Matt. 1:16Ah, he isn't cause this is Joseph's genealogy
Matt. 1:18And the child is of the Holy Spirit
Matt. 2:1Herod was only King until 4 BC, kind of screws up the whole calendar doesn't it?
Matt. 2:23I always thought that was where is was from, shows you can't trust anyone
Matt. 5:1-11Blessed are the cheesemakers
Matt. 5:27-32Bad naughty evil divorcees
Matt. 5:371010011010 anything beyond machine code is evil
Matt. 6:9The Lord's Prayer
Matt. 7:12The Golden Rule
Matt. 16:18Actually it's Kefa, or Kefas. Peter (actually Petros) is greek for rock.
Matt. 16:28What? You mean they're still around? Sheesh.
Matt. 18:5-10Ah, I guess this page damns me then, oh bugger.
Matt. 19:1-12Can't god just make up his mind?
Matt. 27:34Wine with gall, compare with Mark 15:23, Wine with Myrrh
Mark 5:9My name is Legion (What about those poor pigfarmers?)
Luke 2:49-51Is Maria a bit slow, or is it just that she's got lousy recall?
Luke 3:23"so it was thought" see? The whole genealogy is rubbish.
Luke 8:2-3Christ's women, what's with the sexism anyway? Oh, right, Eve.
Luke 23:40Compare to Mark 15:32 and Matt.27:44
John 1:1The Word
John 1:42See? Kefas, or Cephas when you silly english have gotten your paws on the spelling
John 18:10-11The only one to give the servant's name, and the only one not to fix the ear
John 19:17How come everyone else says they got someone to carry it for him?
John 19:26What do you mean "loved"? And who're we talking about?
John 21:20-24He loved John? Or what?
1. Cori. 11:2-3Oh yeah? More sexism...
2. Cori. 4:9"Knocked down, but not out."
2. Cori. 6:14-14Guess the believers will stop talking to me then
Ephe. 5:21-6:9Man<-woman, lord<-slave, parent<-child
1. Timo. 2:13-15"Yeah, you tell em!" (More sexism)
Reve. 13:18666
Reve. 22:18-19Editors beware
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