First book


And Allfather made the One Fire and set it to burn,
and he made the Two Rocks, set the First to circle the One Fire
and the Second to circle the First.
And on the first He laid out the Three Waters
and between them the Four Earths.

And the First Four were completed and stood as they stand still.


And he made the Five Fires
and put underneath them the Six Rocks,
and the Seven Waters he made and set them
to link the Three Waters and the Four Earths.
And he made the Eight Earths and placed on the Four.

And the Second Four where finished and jeweled the face
of the Three Earths as they do still.

And he took Fire, Rock, Earth and Water and he made the nine araH and gave them Sel, hat and elsk so they became Herrnarr.


And Allfather said unto the araH he had made, continue what I have started in the pattern I have showed you. And the araH went forth and made the Ten men, the Eleven eKmen, the Twelve eKArn..

And so they filled the Earth number by number and even the emptyness of the Sky they filled with the uncountable stars.


And the araH ruled the universe. Made day follow night, ebb follow flood, season follow season, death follow life. And released from these burdens Allfather went down among the men to guide them and ease their struggles.

Second book


After creating the earth and the oceans Allfather seeded them so that everything in its good time would reach its appointed number. And then he made the araH to rule the world. They were to make day follow night, ebb follow flood, season follow season, fall follow rise.

From Fire, Rock, Water and Earth did he make them and the first where the Sun and the Moon, anareraH and neniiraH, and they made day follow night and ebb follow flood and were the King and Queen of the Sky.


Then he thaught Neni the secret of men and women, and she became with child. But when the water broke it grew and rose to form an erah, in this way Earth gave birth before her mother and Ocean was born before his. And gIiraH and AgireraH made season follow season and fall follow rise.


Ocean fought to no avail against Neni's power over ebb and flood and raced against his mother's shores. Only his mother's love for him kept him from ruining all that was and spoiling Allfathers designs. And her love for him brought fruits and she gave birth to an iraH. In this way Fire was born, and kiere was given command of the heat in the earth.

This isn't finished and probably never will, but stay tuned.

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