The most important place in my universe is, of course, the city of bjOrnardia. The city of bjOrnardia is the capital of the bjOrnardian empire and is situated on the island of bjOrnardia. The most prominent feature in bjOrnardia is the Imperial Stairs. An enormous black marble staircase leading up to the entrance of the Empiral Palace. The Stairs have giant steps on the side housing the government of the Empire and normal steps in the middle so you can walk up to the entrance. The palace itself lies within a sheer marble cliff.
Walking around the city you'll notice that most its inhabitants have sharp canines and that the richest people have ornamental tooth protectors of silver over these. Foreigners often call them "Wolfpeople", and there are quite a few foreigners in the city. Large hairy men with tusks like boars, squat people with lots of jewelry, tall people with pointed ears and a greenish tint to their skin and once in a while you'll see one of the "Horsepeople", dressed in clothes tied together on the back to allow the hair growing all the way down the spine to flow freely.