Races and ravings

The ten races of men
The 'wolfpeople'. Sharp canines, howles at the moon. Et medfødt gråstenk regnes som noe beærende. Lives in the coniferous forests and on the plains. Decendants from apes.

The 'boarpeople'. Hoglike tusks in broad flat faces, hairy, large of body. Live in the mountains. 'Seawrestlers'. kiere's people.

The 'elves'. Greenish skin, pointed ears, tall, little body hair. Live on the plains and in the deciduous forest.
The pure elves. Eternal life as long as they are 'pure'. No sexual activity, no deliberate killing of anything larger than butterflies. They are granted their eternal life by Death, since she made them.

The 'dwarves'. Short, heavy body, heavily haired. Expert miners due to Rock who made them. They find what they search and in exchange all dwarf mines are beautiful.

The 'horsepeople'. Their hair goes like a mane all the way down the spine, merge with horses, a horse/men pair is unseparable, a child always merges with a foal from his parents' partners. neni's people.

The 'red elves'. Resembles the elves but skin colour ranges from yellowish to rust-red and hair is invariably black. Live on the "other" continent. anar's people.

The 'southerners'. Black people from the southern continent. Ocean's people.

The 'lizards'. Bluish skin, covered with scales, vertical narrow pupils. River's people.

Race * 'Earth's people.

The 'underearthlings' Earth's people. Small, round heads with protruding ears, can turn head more than 180 degrees, like an owl, furry, earth brown to mud grey.

De elve eKmen rasene

i'Drage' -
e'Enhjørning' -
i'Dryade' - Etterkommer av ....... og........ . Dryader har negler av stål
e'Tre' - Etterkommer av 'Earth og .......
i'Havfrue' - Etterkommer av ............. Havfruer har skjell i striper på ryggen for å beskytte gjelle åpningene. Gjellene er 'utvendige'.

spørsmål: er tre og dryade to eller en eKmen-rase?


Personifications of the aH's lesser attributes. Can be recognized by more or less evident characteristics

hildi hell - Lady Luck. En av Kiere's hildarr.
hilde ** - Lord of Failure. Ocean's.

"Toothprotectors" of silver. Intricately woven jewlery protecting the sharp canines and making each grin a glittering one. Worn by Wolfpeople.
Eargold, made by jeweling the ear with gold thread sown around and through the ear and ornamented with more gold and precious gems. Cannot be removed without ruining the piece. Worn by almost all dwarves. Was once the most sought after booty in wars against the dwarves, with the ears they belonged to.
Toothrunes. Patterns carved into or created with special paints (sort of a dental tattoo) on the teeth. Marks the clans of the Boarpeople.

The Winker. (the Coin). A celestial body moving visibly over the sky, larger than the stars, winking on and off. Actually a (very) large coin orbiting the earth, spinning around and around.
The black of the sky is the limit of the universe, this end of the world is covered in black velvet. The velvet has been most carefully been made nith in most places.

Deck of cards. Four suits, fire, rock, water, earth. "Tarot cards" Same four suits, (Sometimes eight, additional, 'fire, 'rock, 'water, 'earth) Powerful magicians use Decks with four(eight) or five(nine) additional cards, the 'araH'.
Every suits divided into groups of all the races of 'men. (Nope!)

Compass. Circular box with glass cover and a wooden pin in the middle. Needle with hole in the middle placed over the pin. One end induced with "North Pole" 'elsk' other end with "South Pole" 'elsk' and the middle with wood'hat'. Invented some time or other by a magician.(Also made several other "Needleboxes".)

bUdaraH, the storyteller, the ageless, Allfather incarnate, sourcerer