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Welcome to Bjørnar's Nowhere Land, bringing you glimpses of the mind of Bjørnar since 1994.
In this latest incarnation the website has been streamlined to give you quick access to the most "interesting" pages, while still allowing you to find the old, uninteresting stuff. It's a poor webpage that isn't in constant flux and if you have a long memory and search carefully you will find that some information and some pages are gone, but considering the readership of this page this is unlikely to cause any excitement.
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The Chef's recommendations

(or Who is this guy anyways?)
A table of trivial and completely uninteresting
information about Bjørnar
A brief and incomplete history of Bjørnar's lifebau-symbol
Once upon a time this was the only topic on these pages, and those readers who are me will remember the first simple design, the coloured gif balls, and ... Ok, not even I remember more than that. I do know the information has changed slightly (there's definitely more of it), but it's still read only by those I order to read it. ;)

Les Plates
(is there anything halfway usefull on this site?)
My first fantasy short story20 bau-symbol
My second fantasy short story13 bau-symbol
Recommended books and authors23 bau-symbol
A selection of comments to the bible15 bau-symbol
Finally it is here! D-Time v1.0 is the application for your count-ups and downs21 bau-symbol
As I said, once this website contained only information about me, then I added more stuff about me, like lists of CD's I own and books I've read. The first halfway interesting things to be added were a short story I wrote, and some comments I made while plowing through the protestant bible. Today the short stories number two, and on the border between interesting and uninteresting we have the D-Time standard. (I think it's interesting, the world couldn't care less.) Most recent addition is the addition of a "recommended" page to the list of books I've read. Enjoy!

(OK, so this was halfway decent, show me something else that's good.)
Some links to friends' pages, and other sites of interest.bau-symbol
This used to be an important part of any homepage, today it's easier to just go to Yahoo! Or Google. Still, when you stumble across the page of someone with the same interests as you, who hasn't given up on the battle against link rot and still updates everything occasionaly, you might just find a gem you didn't know you were looking for. I try to keep the rot away from mine, but if you should find a dud link, please let me know.

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